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Preschool Mission

The preschool program of Webster Hills UMC services children ages 6 months through 5 years.  Designed to be an outreach ministry for the church and community, the preschool provides an environment of love, acceptance, and guidance in which young children, through individual and group experiences, have an opportunity to grow intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

The preschool recognizes parents and legal guardians are among the most important influences in a child’s life and consider itself in partnership with the home.  All parents and legal guardians are encouraged to volunteer for special activities throughout the school year.

The preschool is part of the outreach ministries of Webster Hills UMC and is under the governance of the Webster Hills UMC church council and guidance by the Preschool Advisory Board.


Webster Hills United Methodist Church Preschool started in 1961 with children from the three and four-year-old Sunday school classes.  The new school consisted of two groups of children and involved 24 sets of parents. Sally Wurdack became the first teacher/director of the school.  Interest continued to grow and the program expanded.  In 1967, enrollment was opened to the WEBSTER GROVES community at large.


In 1968, the demand for early childhood programs was so great that it was decided to add a fourth group of children.  Enrollment in the preschool continued with 52 children until 1992, a class of two-year-olds was added bringing the total to 64 children.  A Pre-Kindergarten class was added in 1993.  More recently the Parents Morning Out class was added to include the younger age children from 6 months to 2 years of age to the program.


"The entire experience each day is so lovely - exactly what you imagine and hope for at a preschool. I'm beyond impressed. I'd recommend it to anyone with young ones"

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